Parent and Baby

Parent and Baby Classes on  Fridays from 10 - 12. It's a drop in class, only costs £5 and include a tea/coffee for the parents


Class is designed to help develop co-ordination and major skills in the 3-5 year olds,the use of soft play equipment at low height to encourage safe indepence for this age group.This 40 min class is a theme-based class full of fun and games and is designed to teach the fundamentals of movement as wellas basic gymnastic skills.Stickers are provided at te end of each class as a reward for participation,and every 12 weeks an assessment is conducted on Balance,Co-ordination or Agility with a Certificate of Achievement.


Classes provide gymnastic training for children aged 6-9 yrs.This is a "Fun and Fitness" class that allows for personal achievement through a seris of progessive awards and levels,from introductory level 8-4,where the children are directed through the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme and rewarded with Certificates and Awards.


Class is designed for a child aged 9-11 yrs and is ideal for 1st timers of this age but it is also th starting point for learning Rolls,Cartwheels and Handstands.This is a great class for Fun & Fitness and it promotes continual personal achievement through the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme from the level 5 to 1, and rewarded with Certificates and Awards.


Classes are the first step towards competitive gymnastics but still maintain an element of recreation and fun.Gymnasts are encouraged to develop their strenght and flexibility through the Advanced Proficiency Awards in Bronze,Silver and Gold on Floor,Vault,Apparatus & Groups .Advanced gymnasts are encouraged to participate in the club programme with the possibility of gaining a place in the competitive regional team .

Boys & Girls Team

Classes are up to 5 hours long and are geared towards the more dedicated or talented gymnast .At present the Club is trying to delevop an Elite Team of gymnasts to compete at International Level in both Men`s  & Women`s Artistic Gymnastics. At this level gymnasts are required to train upto 5 days a week.All team gymnasts are required to take trials to gain and keep a place


Classes are designed to increase fitness levels while paying particular attention to strength & flexibility.This class also provides an opportunity to learn basic gymnastics.


Is ideal for any child who wishes to experience  freedom to experiment with their own movement and gymnastic skill development.The only stucture part of the class is the warm-up and participants choose the activites they wish to take part in but the can also seek instructions as necessary.This is a casual "Pay-as-you-go" class and is open to both members and non-members.

Open Gym:

This is a Stuctured "Pay-as-you-go" class and is open to both members and non-members,

Parent and Baby
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Improvers Class
Advanced Class
Open Gym